Prof. Dr. Malte Faber

Malte studied mathematical economics and statistics in Berlin (Free University) and Minneapolis, USA, where he was advisee of Leonid Hurwicz (Nobel Laureate 2007)) and completed a master’s degree (University of Minnesota). He completed his doctoral thesis on stochastic programming and aggregation in economics at the Technical University of Berlin. From 1973 to 2004 he had a chair for economic theory at Heidelberg University, where he was director of the Alfred-Weber-Institute and from 1997-2004 director of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Environmental Economics. Since 2004 he is emeritus professor, giving jointly seminars with Reiner Mansttetten and Thomas Petersen at the Philosophical Institute at Heidelberg University. – Malte published widely on capital theory, political economy, thermodynamic foundation of production, environmental and resource economics, in particular water, waste and emission, evolutionary economics, Marxian economics and the philosophical foundation of ecological economics.– From 1981 to 2017 he was adviser of the German Government, Environmental Protection Agency, USA, and People’s Republic of China – Since 1981 he began practicing Zen-meditation under the guidance Father Willigis Jäger, OSB, and Sister Ludwigis Fabian, OSB. He is giving courses and lectures on “Zen- Meditation and Christian Contemplation” at Heidelberg University and other places since 1998.